Pixxel's vision is to accelerate humanity’s expansion into space by making in-space resources available on-demand and turning the earth into a more vibrant and sustainable place in the process.

roadmap of

the future

Satellite Phase

phase 1

Use remote sensing spacecraft to map the earth and build a health monitor for the planet

Rocket Phase

phase 2

Launch upgraded spacecraft to map the massive resource pool across remotest corners of the solar system

Solar System Phase

phase 3

Leverage in-space resources to shift heavy industry away from earth for a sustainable future




Making agriculture more efficient by catching pest infections and crop diseases on time.


Boosting forest health by mapping forest biodiversity and tackling deforestation.

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Monitoring poisonous chemicals seeping into our air and waterways.

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Mapping resources in the remotest corners of our solar system.

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Shifting heavy industry off earth by utilising in-space resources from space for space.


the unseen

Pixxel is making in-space resources available on demand to accelerate humanity’s expansion into space.

With the space sector growing exponentially today, it is only a matter of time before the demand for resources in space reaches a critical mass to enable economical extraction of asteroidal resources. Asteroid mining will soon become our best option to avoid depleting the Earth of all its resources and enable interplanetary travel.

Pixxel’s swarm of hyperspectral satellites will help us identify which asteroids have the most valuable resources enabling humanity to take that giant leap towards extracting these resources.

Asteroid Mining