Building a global partner ecosystem is critical in realizing Pixxel's vision: to build a health monitor for planet Earth, with the ability to see the unseen.

As part of Pixxel's Partner Program, our partners develop, promote and sell analytics-ready hyperspectral imagery as well as derived geospatial products from our constellation. With global coverage, daily revisit, a 5m spatial resolution and ~400 spectral bands, our partners can unlock new markets and use cases for enterprise as well as government clients in their geographies.

Pixxel's Partner


The partners play a role in:

  • Reaching new geographies and vertical markets

  • Unlocking new use cases and possibilities in the remote sensing realm with commercially available hyperspectral datasets

  • Scale geospatial product applications

  • Work with the remote sensing communities at enterprises, non-profits and government to enable monitoring of global phenomena

  • Integrating various spatial datasets to provide tailored solutions to end-users



"Geoimage is excited to announce our partnership with Pixxel, leaders in the world’s first hyperspectral satellite constellation. With capabilities to reveal 50x more information through 100’s of spectral bands, the new constellation of smallsats will provide valuable insights never before been revealed. This is extremely valuable for our clients who need detailed information especially in the mining industry and environmental sectors"

Tony Evans
Geoimage Managing Director

"Pixxel’s hyperspectral data greatly aggregates to our business model of using state-of-the-art techbology to produce geographic information that unveils phenomena on the territory"

Felipe Trujilo
General Director

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