Early Adopter Program

In advance of its first mission, Pixxel’s Early Adopter Program is designed to provide select partners with early access to its hyperspectral datasets.

The Early Adopter Program is a true partnership between Pixxel and innovation-minded partners (geospatial solution providers or imagery resellers) to bring an unparalleled earth observation dataset into the industry.

Early Adopter


  • Advantageous rates for imagery procurement.

  • Sample imagery from Pixxel's first technology demonstrator satellite.

  • No Minimum AoI requirements.

Expectations from

Early Adopters

  • Quarterly participation in Pixxel’s customer advisory board for feedback and joint evaluation of Pixxel’s sample imagery.

  • Access to end-users for focus group simulations to test new platform features.

  • Internal sponsor to overlook adoption and rollout upon satisfactory delivery of imagery and data platform.

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