Pixxel and SkyFi join forces for easy access to Earth Observation data

September 7, 2023
Pixxel and SkyFi join forces for easy access to Earth Observation data

Los Angeles, California and Bangalore, India: Pixxel, a leader in cutting-edge hyperspectral earth-imaging technology, has formed a strategic partnership with SkyFi, the leading geospatial hub for the world that is simplifying the process of acquiring Earth observation and geospatial data through its web and mobile apps.

Through this partnership, Pixxel’s hyperspectral data products will integrate into SkyFi's platform, enabling users to effortlessly access and utilize a wealth of information for diverse applications.

Pixxel is committed to providing the most advanced imaging technology to present an accurate assessment of the Earth’s health. Pixxel’s imaging technology, paired with SkyFi's mission of making Earth observation data and analytics easily accessible, is set to reshape the landscape of how businesses and individuals can access hyperspectral data. 

Commenting on the partnership, Awais Ahmed, Founder and CEO, Pixxel said, "This collaboration extends our reach and equips SkyFi users with the transformative potential of hyperspectral data. Our imagery delivers up to 10x the insight of current multispectral satellites and we are proud to team up with SkyFi to amplify data distribution and empower more informed decisions."  

"We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Pixxel, a leader in hyperspectral technology. By integrating Pixxel's cutting-edge data and imagery into SkyFi's geospatial platform, we are not just mapping the world, but understanding it. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide actionable insights that drive decision-making on a global scale. Together, we are redefining the future of geospatial intelligence," said Luke Fischer, CEO of SkyFi.

"SkyFi's platform opens up Earth observation data to both experts and non-experts in remote sensing, and this is especially meaningful for the adoption of hyperspectral data that has traditionally been limited to a niche, specialized pool within the geospatial community", said Aakash Parekh, Chief Commercial Officer, Pixxel. "This partnership is novel because it would open up the benefits of hyperspectral imaging in agricultural, energy and environmental applications to a wider user base of individuals as well as businesses."

SkyFi's intuitive interface and user-centric approach make acquiring and utilizing Earth observation data a seamless experience for users from various sectors. By collaborating with Pixxel, SkyFi adds another dimension to its data offerings, allowing users to tap into hyperspectral imagery's unique capabilities for enhanced insights and decision-making.

The combined strengths of Pixxel and SkyFi promise to usher in a new era of Earth observation data usability, empowering an exponentially greater number of users to make informed decisions and drive innovation within their organizations.