Hyperspectral imagery in focus: Pixxel’s favourite imagery so far

August 31, 2023
Hyperspectral imagery in focus: Pixxel’s favourite imagery so far

In June 2021, Pixxel’s inaugural hyperspectral pathfinders embarked on a mission to capture images with a spectral resolution stretching over 150 bands. This dynamic mission has yielded a captivating collection of images that demonstrate the potential that hyperspectral technology holds.

These captures are the result of in-depth engagements, discussions, and collaborations with our esteemed early adopters, research communities, and renowned educational institutions. The images span diverse locations and scenes, providing an initial indication of our potential across several industries, ranging from agricultural applications to mineralogy identification and more.

Navigating new insights with Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging solutions

From the vast agricultural fields of Australia to the intricate coastal systems of Senegal, each capture from the Pathfinder mission is a teaser for the full potential of this cutting-edge technology.

Looking towards the future, the improved revisit time and spatial resolution expected from Pixxel’s planned hyperspectral satellite constellation holds the power to revolutionise agricultural, conservation, resource management, and urban planning practices. Through the new found accessibility of commercial hyperspectral data, organisations stand to benefit from sustainability, innovation and informed decision-making.

As we eagerly await our prospective launches, we invite you to get in touch with our sales team to understand more about how your organisation can benefit from the applications of hyperspectral imaging and data-driven insights.