• Hyperspectral data for mineral exploration

  • Extraction of chemical and physical parameters

  • Data-driven and sustainable mining practices

  • Precision-optimised solutions for mining threats

  • Mine closure and site remediation

Support sustainable mining practices With hyperspectral imaging satellites

Access Pixxel’s analysis-ready hyperspectral data for efficient mineral exploration, site remediation, and environmental assessment.

Global coverage

Capture extensive scenes of remote and inaccessible regions worldwide

High spectral resolutions

With 250+ spectral bands, hyperspectral data contains detailed information on ground parameters.

Impressive spatial capabilities
Daily imagery

5-metre GSD resolution capabilities to enhance insights

Obtain daily updates for comprehensive monitoring

The Hyperspectral Advantage over Multispectral Imaging

Traditional approaches for assessing the feasibility of mining sites, ensuring minimal environmental impact, and identifying threats such as chemical seepages are labour-intensive, time-consuming, and lack accuracy. Furthermore, the mining sector faces challenges surrounding a growing global population, declining mineral reserves, and strict environmental compliance requirements.

Support sustainable mining

Ore exploration and mineralogy mapping (Hamersley, Australia)

Pinpoint threats to mining and develop precision-optimised solutions

Pixxel’s hyperspectral satellites capture information in up to 250 spectral bands of the electromagnetic spectrum at unprecedented spectral fidelity and high spatial resolutions. This provides diverse solutions across all operational phases in the mining industry.

Capturing hyperspectral imagery over potential mining sites enables decision-makers to identify mineral reserves and assess their feasibility. This also provides continued tracking at scale for any threats to the site and the surrounding natural environment.

Data-driven and sustainable mining practices

Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging technology, with its frequency and spectral fidelity, facilitates the accurate detection of threats to mines.

Accurate habitat maps surrounding mining sites can help reduce costs, allocate resources efficiently, and improve the overall environmental compliance process while helping regenerate different ecosystems.

Support sustainable mining

Desert surface analysis (Gobabeb, Namibia)

Pixxel’s hyperspectral solutions to detect vegetation variations

Explore the capabilities of hyperspectral imaging in habitat mapping and vegetative studies as a valuable tool for sustainable mining practices and leakage detection. This enables focused approaches to enhance the implementation of environmentally compliant and conscious mining practices for:

  • biodiversity preservation
  • monitoring vegetative health, and
  • detecting leakages and potential environmental impacts

Mine closure and site remediation

Watersheds surrounding mining sites face ongoing risks of pollution and contamination, particularly in the context of abandoned mine lands and the management of tailing dams. Despite regulatory efforts, these challenges persist, posing threats to surrounding ecosystems and public health. Hyperspectral imaging emerges as a transformative tool in the realm of watershed management, offering unprecedented insights and capabilities.

  • Monitor water quality parameters specific to mining, such as heavy metal concentrations, pH levels, and turbidity.
  • Identify and assess potential sources of contamination, including leaching from abandoned mine lands and tailing dam seepage, with exceptional precision.
  • Facilitate the development of proactive strategies for remediating abandoned mine lands while mitigating leaching from tailing dams.
  • Enable the establishment of early warning systems to detect and address water quality issues promptly.
Support sustainable mining

Cuprite, Nevada, U.S.A.

Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions for Sustainable Mining Operations

With high spectral resolutions and frequent revisit rates, Pixxel's imagery provides timely information on mineral detection and site feasibility, enabling early intervention measures to prevent potential irreversible impacts and ensuring efficient decision-making.

Access to hyperspectral data allows mining professionals to analyse and monitor geological features against various factors, facilitating proactive measures for sustainable and feasible mining operations. Explore how Pixxel can assist in ensuring a prosperous, ecologically responsible, and resilient future for your mining initiatives!