• Environmental hazard detection and response

  • Construction project oversight and site feasibility analysis

  • Near-real-time change detection for disaster mitigation

  • Integrated monitoring for sustainable resource management

  • Data-driven infrastructure resilience

Civil Government Solutions for Sustainable Resource Management and Disaster Response through Hyperspectral Imaging Satellites

Find out how Pixxel’s high spectral fidelity hyperspectral imagery supports civil government initiatives

Global coverage

Capture extensive scenes of remote and inaccessible regions worldwide

High spectral resolutions

With 250+ spectral bands, hyperspectral data contains detailed information on ground parameters

Impressive spatial capabilities
Daily imagery

5-metre GSD resolution capabilities to enhance insights

Obtain daily updates for comprehensive monitoring

The Hyperspectral Advantage over Multispectral Imagery

Traditional methods for assessing infrastructure and natural resource health are often labor-intensive and lack accuracy. Hyperspectral imagery revolutionises these approaches, offering transformative solutions for civil government challenges.

Pixxel’s satellites capture a wealth of spectral information, crucial for various civil government applications. From urban areas to remote regions, our data enables efficient urban management, enhances food security, and aids in disaster response and preparedness.

Civil Government Solutions

Urban and industrial area monitoring (Musaffah Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi)

Localised Problem Detection and Solutions for Infrastructural Management

Pixxel’s imaging satellites capture information across multiple spectral bands, enabling decision-makers to identify highly localized patterns and trends. This facilitates improved operational efficiency throughout the infrastructure lifecycle and aids disaster response by providing crucial insights into affected areas.

Data-Driven and Sustainable Practices

Pixxel’s hyperspectral technology enables accurate classification of infrastructure and natural resources, promoting sustainable management practices. By optimising resource allocation and improving resilience to natural disasters, our technology aids in infrastructure development and environmental conservation.

Civil Government Solutions

Urban and industrial area monitoring (Musaffah Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi)

Streamlined Monitoring and Management

Our range of satellite imagery with high spatial and spectral resolutions facilitates accurate insights into infrastructure and natural resource health. This data helps detect potential hazards and vulnerabilities, enabling timely actions for mitigation and adaptation.

Early Detection and Mitigation

High spectral resolutions and frequent revisit rates are essential for detecting and forecasting environmental threats. Pixxel’s hyperspectral solutions provide timely information for early intervention measures, minimising risks and ensuring the safety and security of civil infrastructure and resources.

Civil Government Solutions

Urban and industrial area monitoring (Musaffah Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi)

Explore Pixxel’s Hyperspectral Data and Solutions

Unlock the full potential of Pixxel’s hyperspectral data and its applications in civil government solutions. Our technology ensures sustainable, efficient, and resilient resource management, contributing to a prosperous and ecologically conscious future.