• Localised problem detection and hyper-optimised solutions

  • Streamlined water quality monitoring

  • Forest cover monitoring and early disease detection

  • Carbon estimation and climate risk mitigation

  • Tracking natural capital and hazard detection

Timely environmental insights with hyperspectral imaging satellites

Access Pixxel’s analysis-ready hyperspectral data for efficient biodiversity mapping, water quality monitoring, carbon sequestration and forestry change detection.

Global coverage

Capture extensive scenes of remote and inaccessible regions worldwide

High spectral resolutions

With 250+ spectral bands, hyperspectral data contains detailed information on ground parameters

Impressive spatial capabilities
Daily Imagery

5-metre GSD resolution capabilities to enhance insights

Obtain daily updates for comprehensive monitoring

The Hyperspectral Advantage over Multispectral Imagery

Traditional approaches for assessing environmental statuses, ensuring ecosystem health, and identifying threats are labour-intensive, time-consuming, and lack accuracy. As we face the challenges surrounding a growing global population and declining natural resources, we must also deal with retaining ecosystem services, that support the overall function of this delicate balance.

Timely environmental insights

Coastal region monitoring (Lake Macleod, Australia)

Data-driven and sustainable environmental practices

The frequency and spectral fidelity of Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging technology enable accurate species detection.

Adoption of accurate species boundary maps can help reduce costs, allocate resources efficiently, and improve the overall environmental management process while helping regenerate different habitats.

Timely environmental insights

Mangrove species detection and monitoring (Saloum Delta, Senegal)

Streamlined water quality monitoring and management

Pixxel’s range of 5-meter spatial resolution satellite imagery has up to 250+ spectral bands to choose from. Access accurate information about the biochemical and biophysical composition and health of surface waters.

Hyperspectral imagery emerges as a revolutionary tool for water quality monitoring, offering unprecedented insights and capabilities.

  • Track water quality parameters, including chlorophyll content, suspended sediments, and oxygen levels.
  • Detect threats to water quality including pollutants, emerging contaminants, and debris with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Support the development of early warning systems for the detection of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

Pixxel’s hyperspectral solutions for carbon estimation

Hyperspectral imaging shows exceptional functionality in carbon estimation for environment management applications, facilitating targeted strategies to optimise sustainable environmental management practices through:

  • carbon sequestration
  • emission monitoring, and
  • ecosystem health assessment

Early pest and disease detection with Pixxel’s hyperspectral solutions

High spectral resolutions and frequent revisit rates are essential features of Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging technology, proving vital in detecting and forecasting pest infestations and environmental diseases.

Pixxel’s hyperspectral solutions offer timely information on early pest and disease detection, allowing for early intervention measures before they escalate into significant threats and ensuring minimal environmental impact. Access to hyperspectral data enables environmental managers to experiment and monitor ecosystems against different stressors, facilitating proactive measures for sustained environmental health.

Timely environmental insights

Explore the wealth of information that hyperspectral imagery holds for forestry (Colorado, U.S.A.)

Hyperspectral imaging satellites for environmental solutions

With high spectral resolutions and frequent revisit rates, Pixxel’s hyperspectral imaging technology provides timely information, allowing for early intervention measures to prevent minor issues from escalating into significant threats.
Access to this hyperspectral data enables environmental managers to experiment and monitor ecosystems against various stressors, facilitating proactive measures for sustained environmental health. Explore how Pixxel can assist in ensuring a flourishing, ecologically responsible, and resilient future for your environmental initiatives!

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